Nov 16, 2016

Founded in 1967, the gambling operator Betfred has grown a lot in the latest years. There are now 1370 betting shops in the UK area which is a reason to why this site has managed to grow as much as they have done in the past. Another reason is the service in the sportsbook section. The Betfred results have been the fastest in the business for a while, they were actually the first sportsbook operator who paid out odds winnings in advance for bets on who would win the football league first. The revenue was increased with several hundred percent between year 2003-2004 and the Betfred bingo is becoming bigger for each day passing by. You can easily find some sort of favorite game or room in the Betfred bingo section if you usually enjoy playing bingo online. It’s a pleasant way to pass time whether it’s during the day or night, a cozy moment in a nice little bingo room is actually a cheap way to spend a good night or it can act as a substitute for day dreaming.

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The Betfred Login

In order to login, just google betfred login and you will be presented with search results that will lead the way to the Betfred login page. Once logged in, you’ll be able to play all kinds of products such as bingo, sportsbook, slot machines and live casino games. The products are available through both desktop site and through different mobile channels, including the mobile sites and the various Betfred mobile apps. You will definitely find something neat about this site, especially if you are a sportsbook gambler. There are weekly campaigns being hosted on a weekly and monthly basis, allowing you to enjoy every product to it’s fullest extent. The site itself seem to be quite slow when it comes to loading times, I’ve noticed that the pictures doesn’t load completely on every page I visit.

A Betfred App or the Betfred mobile site?

Good question! There are multiple apps to choose from, it all depends on what kind of products you usually play. There’s basically an app for every gambling product that is being offered on site, allowing you to exclude the other products from your gambling experience will optimize your experience as a whole. So it doesn’t really matter which product you prefer, I’d say it’s worth it to check out the apps through the site anyway. However, it’s always wise to try the mobile site first before you try any mobile apps. The reason to why you should try the mobile site first is simple, that way you will still have all the personal data on your mobile safe and intact.

The Betfred Lotto

The lotto section at this gambling site offers a lot of different play. You can find Spanish, Canadian, Greek, German, Irish and a bunch of other lotto products. You can easily keep track of the lotto schedule through the home page by clicking on Lotto > Lotto Schedule. If you have any questions about the products, don’t be afraid to ask! There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. On top of that, the customer service at Betfred is quite alright. Although the site is in dire need of a revamp or upgrade, you should still be able to find something to enjoy at this old gambling operator. The Betfred lotto contain lotto games with different origins. You can actually find Irish, Spanish, German, Canadaian, Greek and many more lotto games available in the lotto section of the site.

The Betfred Bingo Product

The bingo product has become more and more popular throughout the years, I guess that an increasing amount of players are starting to prefer slow social gambling rather than spinning away your money super fast in different slot machines online. It’s frankly a beautiful transformation and I hope to see more bingo players than slot machine players in the future. The Betfred bingo tickets can be bought for 1p/ticket, which really allow everyone to play together. That’s the beauty of playing bingo, playing together and having fun while doing so. The bingo product includes loads of promotions and weekly campaigns, to help you get the best experience possible in an online bingo. A bingo product is usually very different from casino products since the cost to play is very low in comparison, but one bingo game also last a lot longer than slot machines in the casino section.

Outdated Site

Although there are vast amounts of gambling products to play at Betfred, the site is super slow! The login page takes ages to load and the loading time for images never seem to end, these 2 attributes are some of the shittiest attributes that an online casino could possibly have. Even though they have a great odds section, it really doesn’t matter if the site barely loads the information that you’ve requested. Hopefully there will be some updates in the soon future so that we players can start enjoying the site again. If you really hate lag, stay away from the Betfred site. It is not a site which I would be able to recommend to other players who have expectations from their gambling operators.


The customer service and the products in general are quite alright, although lots of things could be better. It takes up to 48 hours for them to just look at your withdrawal request, but then it can take up to 5 working days until the withdrawal has reached your account depending on what payment method you choose for the withdrawal. Documents are reviewed within 72 hours which is a quite long time frame to keep players waiting. Betfred won a Social Marketing Award 2013 and their casino provider (Israeli owned Playtech) won a prize 2015. However, the gambling experience in the Betfred casino is inadequate due to them basically only using Playtech. I personally feel uncomfortable playing on slots if my money is helping Israeli forces arm themselves up against the poor region so I try to avoid all Playtech casinos.

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