Cookies & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies

What Information is Collected When the Site is Accessed?

There are different pieces of information that will be collected and this is used to provide the player with the best possible experience. The site will collect the IP address, demographic information, the operating system being used, hardware use, geographic information and the type of browser that is being used.

Who Has Access to the Information?

In some cases, we will share collected data with third parties that can include:

  • Analytic services
  • Affiliated Partners and Web Masters
  • Performance Tools for Website
  • Advertising and Marketing Forms and Companies

When a player takes part in any offer that is provided at the site, they are consenting to their information being shared with affiliated partners. These partners will always operate under GDPR guidelines. All information that is shared will be done so in the most secure way possible and only the required information will be shared. Personal data will never be sold or traded with any other party and other information will only be shared and used to analyze trends or make an improvement to offered services.

How Long is Info Stored?

Any collected information on a player will be stored for as long as needed to meet any legal obligations. This can be for a period as long as 10 years.

Use of Cookies

Here, we will use Cookies to increase and enhance the performance of the site and to offer the best possible user experience online. The use of cookies allows us to recognize those that return to the site and to offer the best performance possible.