Casino Glossary



The total bet amount during your time on table.

Adding On

An opportunity to buy more credits during the game play.

Advantage Player

A player who has an advantage against the house/casino. A card counter is a so called “Advantage Player”.


The move when you stake all your money on one bet.

American Wheel (Roulette)

A 38-number roulette wheel with two 0’s, which increase the Edge of the Casino.


Name of the fee which is paid in order to participate in a game round.

Automatic Club

A casino without real dealers (an automated casino).


The player picture that you choose to use in an online casino.



6-8 decked multiplayer skill game.

Back Raise

Slang word for “Re-Raise”.

Bad Beat

A phenomenon when a player lose with a strong hand.


Another word to describe the dealer “Dealer”.


The money a player has reserved for gambling.

Barred / Banned

Players can get “barred” / “banned” from any online casino, which prevents them from entering the casino again.


A disguise, a player who bet for someone else.


A dispute between a player and a dealer.

Beginner’s Luck

The theory that new players have more luck than old players.


The action a player takes when staking money in a casino.

Bet Levels

“Bet Levels” allow you to increase or decrease the amount of coins staked per spin.

Bet Max

To stake maximum amount of coins at maximum coin value in a spin.

Betting Limit

The “Betting Limits” refer to the minimum and maximum amount that can be used to place a bet.

Big Blind

A fee paid by a player to participate in a poker round.


Bingo is a game played on printed cards. A dealer announces randomly drawn numbers and players shout “BINGO” when they win.


“Blackjack” is the name of a player’s or dealer’s initial hand including a card valued 10 + an ace (11) in the table game also named Blackjack.

Blind Bet

A bet in a poker game from a player who doesn’t get to have a look at the cards before placing the bet..


A fee which players need to pay in each poker hand before seeing the “Flop”.


Players can “Bluff” by betting high with a bad hand.


Poker slang for “Full House”.

Bonus Game

A feature inside a slot machine where additional winning potentials can be found.

Bonus Money

Money which needs to be wagered X times before the money is transformed from bonus to real money.


The person who permit bets.

Brit Brag

A three card game in Poker.


A bet of $100.


A synonym for a Joker.


To raise the bet from another player.

Burn Card

“Burn Cards” are cards which are used between deals to be discarded and removed from the game round.


Exceeding 21 in Blackjack results in a “Bust” (a loss).


The “Button” clarifies the position of the Dealer on a table game.



To  match a player bet or required amount for participating in a game round.


A player who calls a bet. In Bingo, the Caller is the person announcing the order of bingo balls.


A disguise, acting drunk or high for example.


Bet amount that exceeds the bet levels, which can be considered cheating.

Card Counting

To count the played cards to get an “Edge” against the Casino.

Card Shark

A player at expert level.


A group of slot machines.,

Cashback / Cash Back

A loyalty program where a player receives a certain percentage of deposited or lost amounts in the form of a goodwill bonus or real money.

Cash Out

Synonym for “Withdraw”, to move your winnings to your personal bank account.


The person who exchanges your money into casino chips that can be used in a real casino.

Casino Advantage

The edge of a casino. In Blackjack, casinos will have different advantages depending on if they offer S17 or H17 Blackjack for example.

Casino Rewards

Something valuable, it’s like a medal but something which can be spent in the casino. A reward is usually based on activity.


To adjust the bet levels to chase losses from previous bet(s).

Chip Tray

The place where the dealer keep his/her stock of casino chips.


Tokens which substitute for real money inside casinos.

Coin Value

The set value of each coin inside a slot machine.

Cold Streak

A casino session with bad luck.

Color Up

Exchange your (small) chips for chips with a higher value.

Column Bet

A bet type in Roulette where a player bet on 12 of the 36 numbers (0’s excluded). Winning column Bets pays 2:1.

Community Cards

Common cards, which refer to cards which are available to every player in a round.

Corner Bet

A bet which is divided on 4 numbers, hence ‘corner’. A winning Corner bet pays 8:1. Also called a “Carré”


A currency used to place bets. The most common name for credits is “coins”.


A French word used to describe the dealer in a casino.


To split the deck of cards before dealing them.

Cut Card

A card which is never used in games, but to cut the deck in card games.



Pressing on “Deal” will provide you with cards.


The person in a casino who is dealing the cards to players.

Dealer Button

The Dealer Button is placed on the poker table to display the position of the Dealer. Cards are dealt clockwise starting from the left of the dealer.


The process of adding real money to the account balance in a casino.

Deuces Wild Poker

A video poker game where all number 2’s act as wilds.

Dime Bet

A $1000 bet.


To reject som or all cards that have been dealt while asking for new ones.

Discard Tray

The place for used/burnt cards of the dealer.


A weak player or a player who is likely to lose.

Dog Player

A player who prefers betting on underdogs.

Double Down

A Blackjack feature where you ask for 1 more card only while doubling the value of your bet.

Double or Nothing

A function where a player can bet his winnings for a chance to double them, or lose them.

Download Casino

A downloadable casino client which cannot be played through a browser. This is not a safe way to play casino.

Dozens Bet

A bet on 12 numbers in roulette, pays 2:1.


To ask for another card.


A bet which is lost in a hand and/or round.


Early Surrender

The “Early Surrender” can be used by a Blackjack player before the dealer check his/her cards for a Blackjack (21). Early surrender gives half of your bet back.


The casino always has an edge/advantage against the player.

En Prison

An (European) optional rule which is applied to even-money bets in roulette.

European Wheel

Roulette with 37 numbers in total (0-36)

Even Money

Any bet with a 1:1 ratio. For example, playing on “Red/Black” in Roulette offer potential winnings which are equivalent to the bet amount.


Playing on “Even/Odd” in Roulette means that you play on 16 odd or even out of 37 numbers which pays 1:1 in case of a win.

Eye in the Sky

The name for cameras inside a casino.


Face Cards

Cards with a picture printed on it. Like an Ace, King, Queen & Jack.

Face Value

The definition “Face Value” is used to clarify the original value of a card.

Family Pot

A shared prize pool which can be won by anyone of the participants.

Fifth Street / 5th Street

The third round of Seven Card Stud is called “5th Street” due to the five cards used.

First Base / 1st Base

The Chair at the dealer’s left is where the game commence.


A gambler who extract the most losses from other players is called a “Fish”.

Flash Casino

Most online casinos are flash casinos (same as “Instant Casino”), always try to play on a Flash Casino rather than on a “Download Casino”.

Flat Betting

To bet the same amount on each bet/hand.


There are 5 community cards in Texas Hold’em, the 3 first cards are provided simultaneously after the blinds have been paid. These 3 first cards are called the “Flop”.


A hand where all cards are of the same suit.

Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same value. For example four Aces, four 2’s, four 10’s, etc.

Fourth Street / 4th Street

The Fourth Street is the name of the second round in Seven Card Stud Poker as players have 4 cards.

Free Roll

A cash prize tournament, free of charge to participate.

Free Spins

“Free Spins” are bonuses given to players to play X amount of free spins in a specific casino game. The winnings from these free spins are usually subject to a “Wagering Requirement”.

French Roulette

37 numbers and extra bet systems.

Full House

The name of 2 combinations together, a three-of-a-kind and a pair (3+2 = 5 cards).



To risk money by staking them in a bet.

Gambler’s Fallacy

An (invalid) theory, saying that previous outcomes can assist the player in determining future outcomes.


Any gambler who tips off the dealer is called George.


Abbreviation for Game of the Year


Slang for “Bribes”. Any bribe is called “Grease” in the casino world.

Gross Winning

The total won amount by a player are called “Gross Winnings”.



All cards that a player holds in a round.


Someone who can guess the result of a bet.

Hard Hand

Any hand without an Ace card on the hand.


A showdown between 2 players.


A strange poker version where the pot is shared between the best and the worst hand.

High Roller

A player who plays with high stakes.


“Hit” can be used to describe winning combinations or a basic win, but also the decision of taking an additional card in Blackjack.

Hole Card

The dealer’s card which is faced down.

Home Advantage

The concept that player’s have an advantage by playing on their home field. (they might know the dealer and might be familiar with different patterns and security measures)


A casino game is considered “Hot” if it provides more wins than usual during a certain time frame.

Hot Streak

A long winning run, which is the opposite of a “Cold Streak”.


The “House” is another word for the Casino.

House Edge

The advantage that the casino has against the player(s) in any casino game.

House Rules

Some Casinos have their own specific rules, these are called “House Rules”.


Inside Bet

Any bet placed on numbers inside the “Layout”.

Instant Casino

Most online casinos are Instant Casinos (synonym to “Flash Casino”), always try to play on an Instant Casino rather than on a “Download Casino”.


An opportunity for players to guard themselves against the dealer’s potential Natural Blackjack (21).


Abbreviation for: Irregular Playing Pattern



A large sum of money which is announced in a casino game. Jackpots are usually found in slots & video slots such as the Mega Fortune slot.

Jacks or Better

A poker game where Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces pay more than the other cards.

Joker Poker

Video poker where the Joker is a wild card, is called “Joker Poker”.


“Jokers” are so-called “Wild Cards” in card games.


Synonym for the commission taken by casinos. (see “Vigorish”)



The highest card in a poker hand that doesn’t belong to any combination. The higher kicker card decides the winner if two players have the same hand.



The person who controls the game in Baccarat.

Late Surrender

The “Late Surrender” can only be used if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack.


The surface of a table game where players can stake their bets.

Lay the Odds

To bet on your favorite, like betting on number 7 in roulette because it’s your lucky number.


Every casino needs a licence, this is the certification of a casino being permitted to offer casino games.

Live Dealer Games

Any game with a live dealer.


The place where you can find the different games that are available to you.

Long Shot

The team who has the smallest chance of winning, similar to an “Underdog”.


A player is “loose” if he/she is playing more hands than the average player.

Low Poker

A type of poker where the winner is determined by the lowest rank among the cards.

Loyalty Scheme / Loyalty Program

A scheme/program which is used to reward loyal players at a casino.



A bet system which is used by always doubling the bet amount in case of a loss.

Maximum Bet / Max Bet

The maximum amount to bet in a casino game.

Minimum Bet

The minimum amount to bet in a casino game.

Money in Action

The amount which you currently have available for gambling. Having €10,000 on your account is irrelevant if you can only bring €200 onto a poker table.

Moving the Line

A concept where you can pay additional money to increase your chances of winning.

Multi-hand Games

Casino games where players can play more than 1 hand at the time.

Multi-line Game

Any slot with more than 1 pay line is called a “Multi-line Game”.

Multiplayer Games

Casino games where you can play against other players rather than playing against the casino on your own.


A slot feature which multiplies the value of a winning symbol or combination with X.


Abbreviation for “Most Valued Guest”


Natural (Blackjack)

A two-card hand which accumulates to 21 points in Blackjack.

Natural Royal

A definition of a Royal Flush hand without wild cards (jokers).

Net Winning

The net payout.


A $500 bet.

No-Limit Poker

Poker where there is no maximum bet amount.

No Deposit Bonus

A bonus which is offered without the requirement of making a deposit.

Number Pool

The range of numbers in a certain game. Keno for example has a “Number Pool” of 80, while Bingo usually have 75 or 90.



The chance of winning in any game.


Online casinos are the “Operators” of the online casino business.


An illegal “Bookmaker”.

Outside Bet

Any even-money (1:1) bets or 2:1 bets are called “Outside Bets”.


A state where a player has the edge against the “House” is called “Overlay”.



2 cards of the same value.


“Pallete” is a strange word, it is the name of the wooden score board in Baccarat.


An action used in Poker where players can choose to pass if they wish to see another card without raising the bet.

Pat Hand

A hand which is considered complete after being dealt.

Pay Line

Every slot machine has a “Pay Line”, the pay line shows where winning combinations need to show up in order for you to win something.

Pay Table

A result table where you can see how much the different outcomes will pay you in case you win.


The amount of coins which are won in a round. Please note that the “Bet Level” also affects the winnings in a round.

Payout Percentage

An approximate number to indicate how much winnings players win on average.

Payout Table

A table that display the exact value of winning combinations.


The term “Penetration” is used to indicate how much of a deck that is dealt before the deck is shuffled (in percentage).


An ignorant gambler can be described as a “Pigeon”.


The place between casino tables where only staff are allowed.

Pit Boss

A casino employee who is responsible to supervise the staff & tables.


The initial hole cards of a player.


The name of the total prize pool during one hand.

Progressive Jackpot

The name for constantly increasing jackpots, such as Arabian Nights and/or Mega Fortune.


A bonus which is offered to many players simultaneously.


A draw in casino games.



Slang for a “Four of a Kind” in Poker.


A threshold for players which needs to be exceeded in order to qualify for a pot.



A place where you keep coins, slot tokens and/or casino chips in a casino.


Increasing the cost to participate for players during a round.


A fee (a fraction of the pool size) per round which taken from the casino for offering the service to players.

Random Number Generator / RNG

A machine which is used to randomize the outcome of any spin in a slot machine.


You can play on Red or Black colors in Roulette, the win ratio is 1:1 because you almost have a 50% chance of winning.


The term for the vertical rows inside a slot machine.

Reload Bonus

A deposit bonus, meaning that you get something if you refill your account balance by making a deposit.


The name of the last dealt card in Texas Hold’em.


The definition of a player who is playing tight.

Roulette Table

Where bets are placed.

Roulette Wheel

Where the roulette ball is spun.

Row Bets

A bet system in Roulette which cover 12 of 37/38 numbers and pays 2:1.

Royal Flush

A straight from 10 to Ace in any suit.


Someone who is betting for someone else.


Scatter Symbol

A certain symbol which can trigger a bonus feature without being found on an active payline.


The total time spent in a specific game.


A skilled player who disguises himself as a “Fish”.


The name of the box from where the dealer draws cards in a casino.


The last part of the hand, where remaining players show their cards.

Shuffle Tracking

A card counting strategy which is sometimes used by high level blackjack players.

Sign Up

In order to start playing at a new casino site, you first need to “Sign Up”. Signing up at an online casino is a quick and easy process.

Sign Up Bonus

The welcome bonus(es) received from signing up at a casino site.

Small Blind

The smaller required bet at the start of the poker game in order to create a pot size.

Soft Hand

A hand which consist of at least 1 Ace (opposite of “Hard Hand”).

Software Clients

A downloadable version of an online casino. However, it is safer to play at web-based flash casinos.


“Spin” is pressed in order to play in any slot machine. You need to decide your bet amounts and press on “Spin” when you are ready.


To divide the 2 cards in a Blackjack hand in order to create 2 new hands. A player who “Splits” will receive at least one new card for each of the two hands.


Synonym to bet. The Stake is the amount you use for a bet.


Refuse additional cards in blackjack for example.

Stiff Hand

A hand which can get busted by 1 single hit.


Any hand with 5 cards in chronological order of any color.

Straight Flush

A straight, while all cards being of the same suit.

Street Bet

A bet placed on 3 numbers and pays 11:1.


2 or more cards of the same suit.


Forfeit your hand by losing half your bet.


“Symbols” are what populate the fields inside any slot machine. Winning combinations are usually created by having 3 consecutive symbols on an active payline inside a slot machine.



A poker player who play few hands.


A gift from a player to the dealer.



A term which is used to describe the dealer’s first card which is displayed face-up.



The name of the commission which is being charged by a casino.


Abbreviation for Very Important Player.


Payout ratio.



The amount spent on bets.

Wagering Requirements

An amount of money that has to be staked before the bonus money transforms into real money.

Welcome Bonus

The bonuses that are included in the welcome package at an online casino.


A valuable casino player who plays for big stakes.

Wild Card

The perfect example of a “Wild Card” would be the Joker cards in a deck of cards.

Wild Royal

A royal flush achieved with a Wild card.

Wild Symbol

A symbol inside a slot that can act as a substitute for other symbols inside the slot.


A transaction from the casino to the player’s own bank/e-wallet.